Happy ‘Mental Health Awareness’ day!

The radio station I listen to in the car brought to my attention that today is mental health awareness day. What do those awareness days mean? For most, it’s thinking “yep, ie mental health issues exist“, and that’s about it. But, as the station pointed out, it’s about discussing it, recognising it’s prevalence in our community and even families, knowing how to support those who are suffering and for those who are suffering to know that they are not alone in this.

My daughter was in the car when this was being talked about and for her to hear the radio presenter disclose that she is really struggling with anxiety and depression at the moment gave her a little boost. She isn’t the only one experiencing this. Someone she saw as strong and successful is also experiencing it. It doesn’t mean she’s weak or failing. Even if just for today, I know that is going to help her face the day, which in turn will give her a sense of success that she managed today, and so tomorrow just might be a little easier.

If someone in your life is struggling at the moment; you don’t have to solve their problems, instead, just let them know you are there to be by their side and walk the struggles with them.

2 thoughts on “Happy ‘Mental Health Awareness’ day!

  1. I’m glad she found comfort from that. It’s very important. I often wonder though what some of the charities do though. There are many for mental health and autism but I’m not entirely sure what they do. I am autistic and have a long history of mental health problems but I have yet to understand what any of these charities can do for me.

  2. There’s so much more understanding needed isn’t there? I’m sorry you’re not finding the support you need.
    I’m not sure either regarding charities, perhaps just finding different research…?

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